A young couple keen to live out west discover an untouched section in Titirangi. The appeal is the topography and bush however the site isn’t without a complex of constraints: steep slopes, a riparian stream, protected flora and fauna, and planning controls permitting a building platform of no more than 15m2.

With a juggling of consultants and sweet talking of council planners … a building form emerges. Sharply pointed for a ‘hard edge’ and a cheeky response to planning ‘acceptabilities’… terraced over two levels to capture three distinct qualities of the site:


Project Type | Residential, New Build
Project Status | Work In Progress
Images | SJA


Bedrooms hunkered-down and cave-like with an outlook into the Manuka understory – offering retreat and spatial intimacy.


Upper level living and balcony opens northward towards the bush – dappled in the Manuka filtered sunlight.


The building gives space to a southern Pohutukawa poised over a deck from which views over the Manakau harbour are enjoyed.